Senior Course Selection Evening

Senior Course Selection Evening is on Thursday 15th August 2019. This is a key event for all senior students to provide guidance on the course selection process, as students progress from year 11 into 12, and from year 12 into 13. Mapping out the pathway each student will take in their remaining years allows for a successful transition from high school into the tertiary sector, further training, or the workforce. Students benefit greatly from your input as well as the expert advice from those present on the evening.

The evening will begin with an information session:

Year 11 students and whanau:   6:00pm in the school hall

Year 12 students and whanau:   6:45pm in the study centre

We are lucky to have a large number of tertiary providers and training organisations present on the evening. They will offer advice and information regarding areas of training and pathways into different careers. We advise all students to attend and take advantage of this opportunity. These providers will be available within the J block foyer throughout the evening.

Teaching staff will also be available in the J block classrooms for selection advice on subject choices.

We encourage you and your son/daughter to make the most of the evening and look forward to seeing you there.

James Stewart, HOD Careers/Pathways