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Volunteering Opportunities at Triathlons – great for the CV

Volunteering Canterbury

Glenda Martin
027 270 7504

Role:                              Event Marshalling (Oxman Triathlon)

Organisation:                Canterbury Triathlon Club

When:                           Sunday 13 December

Where:                          nr Oxford

More information:, category ‘sport’


Role:                             Event Marshalling (Triathlon)

Organisation:                CanterburyTriathlon Club

When:                           Sunday 29 November

Where:                          Lake Rua (near ChCh Airport)

More information:, category ‘sport’

University of Auckland UE FAQ’s

2021 University Entrance for School Leavers

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on New Zealand secondary school students, especially those making plans to start University. To support the future success of senior school students, we’ll be changing the entry requirements to our programmes for 2021. We are also removing Table A and B requirements and making Early Offers for all students.

We have now added a FAQ section to the information on the 2021 University Entrance for School Leavers to help assist with some common questions.

AWARUA Learners Licence – Devices resource

Road code

The road code pathway has been developed in collaboration with NZTA to help adults and young adults prepare for their learner and restricted driver licences, while at the same time strengthening their literacy and numeracy. 

The 56 modules provide a comprehensive coverage of the skills needed for the learner and restricted licences.  The module content covers the licence process and important road skills such as scanning for hazards, reading road signs, how to give way at intersections and roundabouts, driving to the conditions and how to keep yourself and others safe on the roads.

Road code pathway map. Free online learning to prepare for your driver licence

Try a module

Try a module

Click here and choose the road code pathway

Pathway overview

Road code modules

Road code app

Street tallk defensive driving courses

Here is one option students can look at if they wish to complete a defensive driving course. This is not a school event and all payment and organisation is done directly with the organizer below.

Street Talk Defensive Driving Courses Cost $180(includes driving session)

NB Anyone with demerit points can complete

If you miss a session you have the flexibility to catch up this session at another course

To Enrol:

txt: 027229 8018

Held @ St Bede College 2.45-4.5pm Mon-3-10-17-24
Held @ Rewi Alley Riccarton 6-8pm Mon  Aug 10th- Wed 12- Mon 17-Wed 19
Held @ St Margarets College  3.45-5.45pm Aug Tues 25th– Sept 1-8-15
Held @Lincoln High School – 3.15-5.15pm Aug Thu 27-Sept Tue 1-Thu  3-Tue 8
Held @ Rewi Alley Riccarton 6-8pm Sept Mon 7th– Wed 9th-Mon 14-Wed 16
Held @ Christchurch Girls  3.15-5.15pm Aug Mon 31- Thu 3- Mon 7-Thu 10

Apply now for 2021 WiE CAN – Women in Engineering residential programme

Applications are now open for WiE CAN – a 5 day/4 night Women in Engineering residential programme in Christchurch on 17-21 January 2021.

The programme features a range of interactive workshops, inspiring presentations, and fun social activities. Participants will be immersed in student life and experience the range of engineering subjects on offer at UC.

WiE CAN is open to female students (or those who identify as female), who are completing Year 12 in 2020 at a New Zealand high school and going into Year 13 in 2021. Students must be over the age of 16 years old by 17 January 2021 and currently studying maths and physics.

There are 60 places available but you don’t have to be top of the class to apply for WiE CAN! If you are…

  • Excited to explore the limitless opportunities in engineering
  • Interested in innovation, problem solving and making a difference to society
  • Wanting to experience life as a UC student
  • Looking for a fun challenge to take on during the summer holidays
  • A female student* completing Year 12 in 2020 at a New Zealand high school
  • Over the age of 16 years old by 17 January 2021
  • Currently studying maths and physics

…this hands-on programme is for you!

Apply here before 4 September 2020:

StudyLink — for info on student loans, allowances, budgeting, costs of study + lots more

With all the challenges 2020 has delivered so far, we know many students may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of getting through exams, let alone moving on to teritary study.

We’re here to help – read on to find out how.

Stay connected with Facebook

Did you know StudyLink are on Facebook?

We’ll be using it to share information about the costs of study, budgeting, trades training, fees-free study, how allowances and loans work and alternatives to study like working or taking a gap year.

Click on the image below to follow StudyLink’s ‘Get Ready for Study’ page for help while figuring out their next steps.




3 questions to ask family and friends if you’re feeling stuck

3 questions to ask family and friends if you’re feeling stuck

Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, or a helping hand, your friends and family will generally always want what is best for you. And when it comes to changing careers, they can also be a great source of information, advice and motivation. In fact, they may have figured out you need a change in your career before you did.

Here are three reasons why talking to your family can help your career:

  1. They know you
    After all these years your family and friends know you better than anyone. So, use them as a sounding board to talk about your ideas. They’ll have a good understanding of what you’re passionate about and may help you unlock some new options you hadn’t considered.
  2. They’re a resource 
    Your family and friends are the closest and likely most invested network you have and they may be more connected than you realise. You can ask them to reach out to their network for you. Who knows, it could lead to an introduction that could set you on your new career path, or at the very least a conversation with someone that has done it all before.
  3. They’ll keep you motivated 
    Your family and friends will be there to talk out any fears you may have about money, time, or stability. They’re also likely keep you motivated through the highs and lows.

Three questions you should ask your family and friends if you’re feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next:

SEEK’s Resident Psychologist, Sabina Read is a big advocate for having genuine and open conversations with family and friends about your career. “Often the people we spend the most time with who know us best, they can help us identify things about ourselves that we’re not aware of,” says Read.

Sabina recommends asking the below three questions to close family and friends and ensure that you are listening with open ears to what they have to say.

  • What do I do well?
  • When do you see me at my best?
  • When do you think I’m most energised? 

Our inner voice can often be the most critical and the loudest, so it’s important to seek out other ideas and perspectives, you never know what these conversations might uncover.


Leaving School Magazine

Leaving School Magazine is packed with career profiles and lots of useful information.  You can now read a copy online.  Find it here

Are you wanting to find a job and connect with employers?

Whats Youth Hub ?

Youth Hub is a free online platform to empower young people and to bridge the gap between education and employment by placing young people at the heart of the solution and forming a wrap around approach.

Why Youth Hub ?

Youth Hub allows young people from any background to showcase their talents and find connections to further themselves. Youth Hub levels the playing field to attain employment through technologies familiar to young people.

You can create your personal brand online that will be seen by potential employers connecting you with real jobs.

You can find out more here