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A good place to start

The school leavers toolkit is for students and whanau and contains a wealth of advice and support on topics such as students loans and allowances, moving out of home, tax, voting, getting a job and more

Need help applying for a job?

The following resources may help if you are unsure of how to make a CV or cover letter . These are a good place to begin writing or revamping your CV. The careers team is happy to help guide students and/or give feedback. Come in and see our team if you need support. The workshop was created by Mr Stewart and contains valuable information and tips around creating or updating a CV as well as looking to get noticed.

Video Workshop : Writing CVs and applying for jobs

Aoraki – Resume (1 Page)

Aspiring – Resume (1 Page)

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(1) moneyhub_cv_template___2_


School-leaver-CV-example (3)

Tasmin – Resume (1 Page)


CV & Cover Letter Template


Work and Income has numerous useful CV templates

CareersNZ is also a great place to see examples of CVs and cover letters

Interview Questions: this is a list of possible questions to practice in preparation for an interview

Job Search sites

Seek: large job search engine with career information

trademejobs: large numbers of jobs across NZ

Indeed: NZ job search platform

jora: free registration to search jobs

Shopless: Searchable jobs section


moneyhub student job guide

student job search: positions for tertiary students

seasonal work: jobs that match seasonal change

list of links to recruitment agencies that help place you in work


myjobspace: search jobs, post a cv for employers to view

Work here : jobs in NZ

newkiwis: online job search and registration

nzindeed: jobs from newspapers, job boards etc

Careernz links to general and specialist job sites

Need help finding a job?

YouthHub:  A site that allows students to create an online profile and CV and apply for jobs.

Got a Trade? Got it Made:   information on entering trades based jobs.

Volunteering Canterbury: One way to get involved in the community and add to your CV is to be a volunteer. This site links you with volunteering opportunities. Our school council also has links to many  such opportunities

Completing an application form: This site gives in depth information on how to fill in an application and answers possible  application and interview questions.

Pathway Planning Program (PPP)

Come in and see Mr Stewart if you want a guided approach with a blend of online and face to face support identifying a career pathway. This would utilize some of the tools below as well as local contacts and events to create a personalized plan to investigate your career path.

Try making a copy of the PPP google doc and following through the steps. Then make sure you share the document with Mr Stewart.

Need help investigating where your career lies? These sites are a good place to start:

Personality tests/Career Quizzes are fun to do as a family and may  help you to learn more about one another. 

Career Quest 

Myers Briggs Personality Test – 16 personalities 

Holland Code Personality Test 

Skills Road Australia 

Road Nation Roadtrip (USA) 

Job Bank (Canadian) 

Bulls Eye – Career Clusters

Questions to ask after doing a career quiz: 

  • When reading about yourself, what do you agree with? What words reflect who you are? ● What is it about the jobs that have been suggested that interest you – what made you curious to find out more?
  • Were there any that you hated or thought were stupid?
  • Are there any suggestions that you were disappointed were missing? ● What were you hoping might come up? Why?
  • What do you think would be important to know about this course/type of work?

Make your school subjects to jobs using this tool

Make the skills you have to different job using this tool

StudySpy is a free course comparison tool and scholarship index that helps Aotearoa’s young adults make one of the most important decisions of their lives.

School Leavers’ Toolkit:  advice and resources for finding your way after leaving school. – is a new resource for Kiwis navigating the workforce It’s hard to navigate the future workforce, so is here to help students. With over 100 short videos, students can gain insights into different job types, and the skills needed to get into exciting roles.   Check out

Virtual Reality Service Industry Careers: These 4 apps can be downloaded from the app store:  Retail, Tourism, Aviation and Hospitality. Using VR glasses you can take a virtual experience of what it could be like working in one of these careers. The careers department has a set of VR glasses you can borrow if you wish to utilize this tool.

Just the Job: a huge number of informational videos of under a number of vocations.

NZMade  is a series of short you-tube clips that profile local jobs and business opportunities. A great place to find out about opportunities

CareersNZ : a key site that provides information on over 400 different roles/jobs/vocations, including what the work involves, key skills and aptitudes, earning potential, availability of work, training & qualification requirements with links to different training providers, entry requirements. Tools on the site also aid in CV construction and interview skills.

No Major Drama – The smart way to learn about NZ university majors!

School Connect is another useful resource for students. You can search for study options and careers and take a short 5min quiz to help you see career pathways suited to your interests and personality.

Will a Robot Take Your Job? – there are now a range of tools available to help us navigate the impacts of new technology on the labour market, such as AI and automation.  This BBC website is one such tool which calculates the likelihood of a particular job/role/vocation/profession becoming automated or continuing into the foreseeable future.  Another similar calculator created with US statistics is

Occupation Outlook: an app and website tool  that uses the latest information available to forecast the employment prospects, cost of training and salaries payable by occupation and sector. It can be downloaded to a students phone.

Future in Tech : contains information on technology, science and engineering.

SchoolConnect:  A useful site containing information on tertiary study, jobs and career pathways. Students can take a short quiz to gain an idea of job suitability here.

Jet Magazine has a series of pages of information different career industries.

Preparing for future  tertiary study?

StudyLink: Information on fees free study and applying for student loans.

RealMe: Create a realme login to verify your identity online without having to carry documents. This can be used with studylink to apply for loans.

Obtaining a NCEA record of achievement:  A New Zealand Record of Achievement (NZROA) is an official transcript of all the New Zealand qualifications and standards that a person has achieved. It may be required to apply for many tertiary course both abroad and in NZ. These can be obtained electronically or in hard copy using the link above.

The team at MoneyHub, a personal finance website, has now published three guides aimed at helping school leavers make the transition into further study. Our guides include:

  1. What to Study – our flagship new resource, put together with the help of careers advisors around the country.
  2. Student Loans – our guide to making it clear exactly how student loans work, all on one page – were assisted by the IRD to offer students a seamless resource.
  3. Student Money Tips – students can be financially robust, and our guide offers 20+ tips to help.

Need help understanding NCEA?

Understanding NCEA video clip: A good short clip that explain NCEA structure


top 5 questions about NCEA

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