2020 Whanake – HERA Scholarship for Maori Engineering students

o further the aims of the Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) to strengthen and extend their industry’s capacity, HERA is pleased to offer a scholarship targeted to a Māori student in their first year of a four-year Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.E ., or B.Eng).  The scholarship comprises an annual scholarship award of $5,000 and paid summer internship (with HERA) over four (4) years.

As this is a form of recurring scholarship, conditions will be placed on the award which will include the annual submission of academic results, annual progress reports from the successful recipient and supervisor or Head of Department, a signed contract which will include these conditions, and a refund policy should study cease.  Given the internship offered is Auckland-based, ideally the recipient will be enrolled in an Auckland tertiary institute.

An application form for the scholarship is attached.  We would appreciate it if you would bring this to the attention of appropriate personnel and students within your school or tertiary institute.

2020 Whanake – HERA Scholarship Application

Please note the application round closes Friday 21 Kohi-tātea (January) 2020.